Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Asher Anecdotes

I know I'm likely very biased, but I think my son, Asher (age 3), is an absolute riot!  Almost daily he says something that makes me laugh out loud.  For those that need a smile today, I thought I would pass along a couple of his latest "insights."

Almost every night, I read each of the kids a book just before bed time.  Asher has a difficult time choosing just one, so he has developed a way to manipulate the situation to have multiple stories told to him under the guise of choosing just one.  He has a Beginner's Bible, that he tells me he is choosing a story from.  This children's Bible paraphrases stories and incorporates many pictures to make the stories easier for children to understand.  While deciding on his one story, which almost always winds up being "David and Goliath," he thumbs through virtually the entire Bible, asking questions about a number of the pictures whereby getting told an additional dozen or so stories before settling upon his one.  Monday night as he was doing this very thing, he came across a story from I Kings.  There was a picture of two people knelt over shriveled crops with the sun high in the sky above.  Asher asked what the picture was.  I explained that a drought was going to effect the people of Israel because their King didn't obey God.  This lack of rain and subsequent famine would be their punishment.  Asher asked what a drought was and I explained that it was when there was no rain for a very long time and that this lack of rain caused crops like fruits and vegetables to die.  He pondered this for a moment and then said as genuinely as you can imagine, "Do you think God would send us a drought even though I obey?"  I inquired as to why he would want that.  He responded, "Because I think it would be nice to live in a place where it doesn't rain all of the time, AND I wouldn't have to eat my broccoli."  I think Asher is ready for summertime!

Then, yesterday, as we were all in the car returning from taking Grandma Hall to the airport, Asher said, "Mom, do you know how I say 'Yummy' in Spanish?"  I said, "No, how?"  He vigorously licked his lips and said, "Mmmmm.  Like that. That's 'Yummy' in Spanish."  Sophia, ever the critic, remarked, "No it's not Asher.  It's 'delicioso.'" Asher just looked at her and said very confidently, "Well, you have your way to say it and I have mine.  And, I like my way better."  I just smiled and told them they were both right.

I envy my children's insatiable desire to learn and their genuine curiosity about virtually everything.  Their innocence and authenticity is simply precious, and unfortunately, fleeting.  Hopefully by writing some of these things down, I can capture a snapshot of that to help preserve these qualities in my memory.  Stay tuned; I am sure there will be more "Asher anecdotes" to come.

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  1. Ha ha ha!! I always enjoy hearing stories about your kiddos, Asher cracks me up! I hope this blog is just a precursor to the amazing book you'll one day write about your adventures in motherhood. It will no doubt be a best seller! ;)