Friday, April 8, 2011

Soph is Five and I Survived!

I can't believe that my darling Sophia is 5 years old!  The time has truly flown by and now I look at this beautiful, intelligent little girl and am overcome!  Sometimes by frustration with her, but mostly awe and gratification as I see the precious young lady she is becoming.

Since Francesca's birthday was last week, I decided to give the girls a joint birthday party on the Saturday in between their big days.  We rented The Little Gym and invited a dozen or so friends to come play, eat, and celebrate with us.  The kids all had a great time and the party was a "success" overall.  Of course, there were various stressful moments that came as I tried to get three kids party-ready, the food ordered, the gift bags organized and all of us to the venue on time.  Thankfully my mother-in-law was here to share in the special time and also help since Daddy is still deployed.  I couldn't have done it without her!  What was really great was that, once there, the employees took over and handled everything, including set up and clean up!  It was so nice to actually have time to relax, chat with the other parents, and watch the kids enjoy playing!  If any of you are deciding on a place to have your preschooler's next birthday, I highly recommend looking into it!

After such an action-packed day, Soph's actual birthday (yesterday) probably seemed a bit anti-climactic to her, but I enjoyed our meager breakfast celebration (complete with candles, song and donuts) and our "quiet" day at home.  The only thing missing was Zach.  I hate that Soph has to experience these milestones without him, and I hate that he can't be here to watch her play and laugh out loud with her little friends or to get a hug like I did yesterday when she said, "Thanks Mom for such a great birthday and making all of my wishes come true!"  I mean, could you get any sweeter?!  Thankfully, we are on the home-stretch of the deployment and will soon be reunited.  Until then, I have some pretty amazing kids to keep me company (and very busy!) and for that I am inexplicably grateful!

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  1. Happy birthday, Sophia! Looks like a wonderful party. And what a beautiful little girl she is!