Saturday, April 2, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well Even If It Starts Like Hell!

All three of the kids needed haircuts, Frankie her 1st, so I decided it would be fun to make a morning of it and really go all out by taking the kids to a children's salon.  Usually their "salon" more closely resembles the bathroom counter with Daddy as the head barber and Mommy as his lovely assistant.  So this was a special splurge indeed!  Sophia was allowed to get a manicure and a pedicure as an early birthday present which added another excitement factor to the situation!

It was a usual Friday of pouring rain here in the Pacific Northwest and we were running our typical 10 minutes behind.  Just to make things even more interesting, Zach called, and we all got to interrupt one another during the car trip to the salon trying to get our two cents into the conversation taking place over the speaker phone in the truck. There were no available parking spots conveniently located to the front door of the salon, so we got to park on the street, one of the busiest in the area, and dodge traffic while getting drenched as we vacated the car and made our way into our appointments.

Once inside, Soph and Asher announced that they had to use the bathroom, so off we went.  While in the bathroom, Sophia complained incessantly of the smell (a combination of hair products and plywood in the storage room/bathroom) while Asher looked everywhere but the toilet resulting in very wet jeans and underwear.  Thankfully he recovered from this trauma more quickly than I anticipated and after washing our hands and getting ourselves all "back together," we returned to the salon.

Sophia was led to the "spa" portion of her appointments while Asher was offered an airplane chair in which he would sit for his haircut.  They played the movie "Cars" (which happens to be one of his favorites) for him too.  Let me tell you, the boy was happier than a man with a Budweiser in one hand, remote in the other, reclined in "his chair" for a Sunday afternoon of football viewing.

Francesca received her first haircut and was a perfect angel throughout the experience.  She sat as "still" as she ever does in her Jeep chair while watching an Elmo video.  I had to offer her a bottle toward the end to get through the "blow out" and braiding portion of the style, but she did awesome!

Soph chose teal and pink polish with glitter and stickers for her toes, but opted for a more "traditional"pink for her fingernails.  She then was led to her haircut where she sat in the airplane chair, which the kids are now convinced we need at our house, and shown a Barbie Rapunzel movie.  She got a really nice haircut complete with a headband braid!

We had a wonderful time and the kids enjoyed themselves immensely!  The ladies at the salon were great with the kids and, once we recovered from the "bumpy" beginning,  it was a pleasurable experience for everyone!  Thank you Wild Child Salon and Spa for taming my children's hair and behavior (at least for a couple hours)!

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  1. What cute haircuts! The girls look lovely/adorable and Asher looks very dapper!