Monday, August 22, 2011

Tendinitis with a Side of Frustration

So, I got this amazing idea in my head about 3 weeks ago that I would run in a half marathon on October 16.  I wanted a goal to get me motivated to workout and begin to shed my "baby weight" from having Evangeline.  We don't plan to have any more children, so I figure it's now or never.  I wanted something to light a fire under me so I could begin cementing the fact that I will never be a dumpy frumpy mom walking around with a 3 year old saying I still had "baby weight" and thought this race would be exactly what I needed. (Why I thought running a race was a good idea is beyond me since I have never enjoyed running!) My friend recommended a training program, and I was pumped.  The day before I began "training," I figured I better try to run a mile just to make sure that I could without peeing my pants.  (Laugh if you want, but those who have had children know what I am talking about.  Remember, I was only about 7 weeks postpartum when I began this program.) The next day was a Monday, which is typically a  "rest" day in this particular program, but I chose to run 2 miles since it seemed silly to rest before I had actually done anything.  I continued to progress through the week, achieving the required mileage for each day's workout.  I ran on the road, very steep, hilly roads.  I felt like crap when I finished a run, but was pleased that I was staying committed to my training.  Zach was very supportive, watching the children on the weekends so I could run and obliging when I asked if I could employ our sitter extra hours to allow me time to run during the week.  He helped me stretch and offered his expertise and enthusiasm to my new found "hobby."  And then, my knees started to hurt.  I bought new shoes, I stretched longer, I even threw in an ice massage.  The knee pain persisted and got worse; it began hurting to walk.  I went to a physical therapist, and, my fear was confirmed.  I have tendinitis in my knees.  Dang it!  So, I am taking two weeks off from running.  I have been working out with a personal trainer who introduced me to the "joys" of foam rolling.  I am beginning to re-incorporate running into my workouts this week, although initially (and often thereafter) it will be done on my elliptical machine.  How frustrating though!  Any time my body reminds me that I am getting older and that I am not invincible, it is just downright annoying.  I guess I jumped in a little too hard too fast with this whole working out thing. The physical therapist and my trainer asked me what time I am hoping to get in the race.  Honestly, I am just hoping I can finish...

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