Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that make me go "Hmmm"

Over the past couple of days, I have had some thoughts that are those kind of rhetorical questions that I ask myself, sometimes audibly, but don't answer, not necessarily because there is no answer, but because I either get so sidetracked I forget to respond to myself, or because I am so busy that I have no other choice than for the answer to affirm what I am doing is "normal," or "okay," otherwise I would not be doing it.  So, for those of you that can relate, these may bring a smile to your face, and for those of you that can't and think these will never apply to you, you will some day because they will and you can smile then.  Either way, enjoy!

  1. Do most moms have standing rules for their children about not touching, discussing, and wiping one another's "private parts?"  
  2. Is it normal that I consistently use more laundry stain remover on my husband's clothing than my children's?
  3. Will the neighbor's think it odd if I am nursing the baby in the front yard as I am rounding up Sophia and Asher to leave?  Does using a nursing cover make it "okay?" 
  4. Is having Asher step out of his Taekwondo belt and slide it back up over his uniform for two weeks in a row lazy or ingenious?  Those things are entirely too difficult to tie!!
  5. If I drink a glass of red wine while nursing, my milk will be alcohol-free for that feeding, right?
  6. Can I count sweating through my pajamas on a nightly basis as I purge pregnancy hormones from my body as an early start to my postpartum workout regiment?  
  7. When will the day come that the first thing I do every morning isn't wipe someone's bottom or change a diaper?
  8. Why can I find time to Facebook, but not grade papers?
  9. Is it too much to ask to take a shower without having a conversation with someone standing on the other side of the shower door?
  10. Why don't they make Suburbans with two separate stereo systems?  Am I destined to listen to the Laurie Berkner Band and other similar but equally annoying music in my car for the next 10-12 years?  
  11. If I simply don't respond to my kids when they ask the same question, perhaps slightly rephrased, over and over again, will they stop asking?
  12. Why does the "tip of the spear" sometimes feel like a "double-edged sword?"  (My apologies to  all of you non-Airforce people that this will likely not make any sense to.)
  13. What in the world did I used to do with all of my time???

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