Monday, July 11, 2011

My "Princess" becomes "Cinderella"

It is frustrating enough when I ruin something nice, but it REALLY drives me crazy when my kids wreck my stuff!  It is almost always "an accident," but unnerving nonetheless!  My darling Soph is the worst culprit when it comes to destroying things, most of which happen to be quite expensive to repair or replace:

Last week she pulled the toilet paper holder off the wall and then proceeded to mess with the drywall anchors thereby tearing them out and putting a huge hole in the wall.

She has been working on and off over the course of months at destroying the leather chair in our living room by picking the leather upholstery off little piece by little piece.  (I figure I may as well wait for her to complete her "project" before I get it reupholstered.)  

On Friday she stuck stickers all over her window to "make it look beautiful."  (I still haven't gotten around to scraping them off with a razor blade.) 

On Saturday, she hit our neighbor's little two-seater sports car (which happens to be the source of much joy for him) with her bike.  Fortunately, there was no damage to the paint and the marks were able to be rubbed out with a buffer.  

And most recently, last night, after we enjoyed dinner outside at a restaurant down by Puget Sound, she dropped my car key through the spaces between the boards on the pier.  It fell amongst the rocks below, and after searching for it for over an hour, I chalked it up to being gone for good.  We then had to walk home, my mom pushing Frankie in the stroller that I had thankfully set her in during our outdoor dinner and me carrying Eva in the infant carrier.  Soph and Asher had to walk the 3/4 mile carrying their coloring books and crayons that they had taken to the restaurant.  When we arrived home, I found Zach's keys and bummed a ride back to the restaurant parking lot from my neighbor leaving my mom at home with the four children.  I got to the parking lot just before they locked up the gates for the evening and drove my truck (which we have owned for a mere six weeks) safely home.  Thankfully, the key to my Suburban was on its own key chain otherwise I would have lost my set of keys to the house and Zach's truck as well.  However, my key fob has a remote starter and a tailgate lifter button, so suffice it say that it will be quite costly to replace.  

UG!  I love my Soph, but man alive! She can wreck some stuff! Of course, Zach is out of town and was, therefore, unable to enjoy the insanity of last night's occurrence or help me decide how to handle all of this.  I have determined that, in hopes of teaching Sophia to be more careful, I must give her some punishment for this seemingly unending string of "accidents."  SO, today and tomorrow, when she returns from VBS, she is grounded from all things "fun" and will be required to do housework.  All day.  I have a list of chores for her to complete.  Her tasks require her to clean and organize various things in her room and around the house, water the flowers, and take out the garbage.  

After bursting into tears when I informed her what her punishment would be, she proclaimed, "But I don't know how to do housework!" My response?  "No time like the present!"  So, cheers to Soph who will learn to do housework today!  Keep her in your prayers; if she isn't careful she just may need them! :)


  1. tell Soph i am thinking of her... one clumsy girl to another ;o) (and i am ALWAYS losing my keys ;o)

  2. Awe! Poor Soph and poor you, I'm sure that was the last thing you needed. Glad your mom was there to help.