Monday, May 9, 2011

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For!

The Hall Family
Together Again!

He's home!  My husband is home!  I am thrilled!  I am relieved!  I am simply joyful! I am excited to see his face and squeeze him tightly.  I love having "real," complete family fun again.  I enjoy having someone (over the age of 5) to talk to in the evenings and hug in the mornings.  I am just happy to have my family together and have life be as it should be.  We made it!  Some days it felt like we wouldn't, but we did, all 6 of us.  We are so blessed and lucky!  Although I am not writing much, I thought I would share some photos and local news coverage of the homecoming night.

Family hug!
First hug from Dad all year!

Homecomings are truly some of the best moments of my life! The emotion is overwhelming and indescribable!  Thanks to our wonderful friend, Lori, for coming out in the middle of the night in the cold to capture these moments for our family!

Daddy brought gifts for everyone

So happy to have my pilot home!!

Zach was thrilled that Frankie recognized him!

Asher's first question was, "Daddy, do you get to come home with us?
 To our house?
Click the link to see local news coverage
Aside from getting my name wrong, the segment was really sweet!

At last!

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