Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who Knew?!?

Some interesting random facts I've learned today whether I wanted to or not...

    • It definitely does matter to Asher which string cheese I put in his lunch! 
    • I need to specify that Sophia is to brush her hair AND get all the snarls out.
    • Poop is a perfectly acceptable alternative to finger paint for Eva.
    • Frankie can do a darn good job cleaning windows with very little instruction. 
    • Eva is not scared to go to the neighborhood park without me. 
    • A three year old can, in fact, successfully share a popsicle with a dog. 
    • Answering a question for a toddler will not mean that they won't ask the exact same question again and again. 
    • When given the choice from a HUGE basket of shoes from which to chose, Jude will inevitably choose my designer ballet flats, always. 
    • Frankie really cannot stand the wrinkle that has formed on the lining of the inside of her shoe! And it is a BIG deal. HUGE!
    • My vacuum will pick up a penny and not break... immediately.
    • Frankie can do a pretty good Yogi Bear impression. 
    • I may never have a private phone conversation ever again. 
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly pairs quite nicely with Pinot Noir! 

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