Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catching up

In the 8-9 months that have passed since I last made a post, I have gotten behind on a variety of things: blogging, housekeeping, sleeping, to name a few.  However, the good news is, that in that same time frame, I have "caught up" on many (more important) things too!  We have seen our family more in the nine months that we have lived in Ohio than we had in the preceding nine years.  Zach and I have had more dates than we have had in a really long time.  We have had more family time playing games with the kids, watching movies, and just hanging out. We get to be together every day!  While this transition was a bit tricky for us to get used to at first,  it has been really wonderful!  I feel like this time with Zach in school is our chance to be like a "normal" family when Daddy isn't gone more days of the year than he is home.  AND, what's more?!? We will have Zach home one more year.  He was selected for an advanced school assignment, so, although that requires a move from Dayton, OH to Montgomery, AL, we are super excited!  As we look forward to this move and next assignment beginning in July, we are also working to enjoy "the moment."  I encourage you to take a minute and "catch up" on what really matters to you; it will refresh your spirit!

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