Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Mom!  Asher hit me in the face with his rubber alligator!"

"Yeah, but she crossed me off the list to the pretend tea party."

Once all appropriate time-out allotments had been served, and "Alligatory" had been confiscated, we sat down, yet again, to discuss how we should and should not treat one another and how to express ourselves appropriately.

Winter 2009
This is just a recent example, and yes, unfortunately, it is real, of the many (ridiculous) disagreements that Sophia and Asher participate in with one another on a daily (read hourly) basis.  They are 14 months apart, Soph now 5 and Asher 4.  They fight on a (very) consistent basis, but they absolutely LOVE each other.  However, they fall in and out of love multiple times on any given day. ;)  But, at the end of the day, they are best buds.  I love it!  I can't stand the bickering, the whining, and the subsequent consequences, but it does make for good blog-fodder.  Some days I can't believe that I am a Master's degree-holding referee explaining the importance of not pushing someone while they are attempting to use the toilet, or devising an impartial and equitable way to determine who should be allowed to eat the last Dino the Dinosaur Flintstone Gummie vitamin this time.  Although, one thing that they can agree on is that they are pals.   They have a secret handshake (that also includes a "belly-bump" and a "butt-boom"- don't ask me!), code words (I can't wait to see what they'll call me in a few years), and games like "Noodle and Carrot" that, trust me, only they understand.  Most of the time they play and share well together.  They regularly think of the other when one gets a special treat and will ask if they can take one home for the other.  They teach, entertain, and encourage one another and truly enjoy spending time together.

Winter 2012
I know that a certain amount of sibling rivalry and disagreements are nothing but normal, and will probably get worse in the years to come before it gets better.  But, in those moments, when I am tempted to just let them "go at it" and see who wins because I am so sick and tired of keeping the peace and seizing teachable moments for social and behavioral skills, I remind myself to continue "fighting the good fight."  It does pay off.  It's annoying, stressful, and irksome sometimes, but in the end, I want my kiddos to love and respect one another.  And, after a day full of disagreements, "hands and feet to yourself" lectures, timeouts, and loss of privileges, it's nice to know that they will still beg to have a "sleepover" together and fall asleep telling each other bedtime stories.  Sometimes we even agree to it. ;)

Sophia and Asher through the years: Can't wait for the many more Kodak moments to come!

Asher's first day home from the hospital
Thanksgiving 2007

Cinco de Mayo 2008

Christmas 2008
Hamming it up! Fall 2009

PIN! 2009

Valentine's Day 2010
Winter 2010
Pilots! Fall 2010

Playing school. Summer 2011

Pirate Party! Summer 2011
First day of school 2011


  1. Asher's UK hat is awesome. Are you guys closet Kentucky fans?

  2. Cute post! And cute kids! Hope you all are doing well and not going too crazy with your upcoming move.