Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The tooth hurts!

Teeth are causing many problems lately in our home.  Who knew that teeth of all things would be such a focal point?!  Eva is working on getting her first tooth.  This has caused low grade fevers, inconsistent sleeping at night, and gallons of drool which equals loads of laundry for me.  Francesca is also working on a couple of pearly whites.  She gets an uncontrollable diaper rash with every tooth which bring its own problems.  She also has the low fevers, restless slumber, but rather than drool on everything, she opts to bite everything.  So, her crib, once a dark espresso finish, now looks like untreated pine.  Great.  Last but not least, we have Miss Sophia who is losing her first tooth!  Can you believe it?!  How did my baby get to be this big?  The permanent tooth is emerging behind said loose tooth.  I don't want the "baby tooth" to negatively influence or impede the growth of the permanent tooth and my mom, who worked as a dental assistant at a pediatric dentist office for 30+ years, says I need to get it out of there.  I have been trying to work on it each day to get it a bit more loose, but I have to tell you, it kind of grosses me out.  I start out wiggling gently and then try to end with a more firm tug at which point I usually begin to gag, Soph begins to panic, and collectively we decide to end the madness.  I have offered her apples and corn on the cob, but that little sucker is still hanging on. We have dental appointments tomorrow (our normal, six month check ups) and I have a feeling the dentist might do us both a favor and yank that baby out.  If not, Grandma arrives tomorrow evening, so I will pass the figurative torch, which really looks more like a tissue, and let her finish the job I think.  Wonder if she will also step in as the tooth fairy?  It seems only fitting, right?! You break it; you buy it.  Isn't that how the saying goes? :)

The dentist wiggled out the tooth before Grandma could arrive and get her hands on it.  Poppy and Grandma did, however, help the tooth fairy out. ;)

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