Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fixations

Here is a list of my most recent obsessions.  Some are products; some are practices.  Some even have a link. Check 'em out!

Picking Blackberries.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have blackberries growing wild all over the place.  One of our favorite things to do this time of year is pick blackberries near our house with the kids.  We're out in nature and it's free!  We recently canned 3 dozen jars of delicious jam!!

Teal A Swanky Boutique.  This is likely the most adorable boutique you could ever have the pleasure of visiting.  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, home furnishings, even a few things for the kiddies.  One of the things I miss the most about Charleston is this store and its owner, Jessica Crittenden!  Good news is, you (and I!) can now shop online AND, even better, Jess is coming to visit me in October! Win/Win!

Allegro Original Marinade.  We were first introduced to this grilling delight while stationed in Texas.  We continued to enjoy it while living in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, no where in the state of Washington sells it.  Trust me, I swear I have looked everywhere.  Good news: a C-17 crew recently brought back a case of it just for us from the Charleston AFB commissary!  YUM!

Innovative Fitness.  This is my new gym.  Love it!  Owned by about the kindest, most motivational people you'll ever meet.  My trainer uses resistance training to work every part of my body.  I am stronger and more fit than ever in my life.  They provide nutritional guidance and motivational support in conjunction with their top-of-the-line physical training.  They work wonders with every age and ability.  I am proof!

Tyler Candles in 24K scent.  These are absolutely scrumptious!  The fragrance is so warm and cozy!  Just found my stockpile in the back of a closet.  They come in a variety of sizes and I have one in just about every single room of my house.

Butter nail polish.  I discovered this on our Labor Day vacation to Leavenworth, WA.  This nail polish comes in great colors and it's non-toxic!  Now, Frankie and Eva can join in the mani/pedi fun!

Stella & Dot .  I raved about this jewelry last month and now, I love it so much, I sell it!  They have recently launched their Fall/Winter line and it is divine.  You will fall in love with virtually every piece!


  1. I LOVE Tyler candles! My fave scent is Dolce Vita and I also love Candycane for the holidays. Thanks for posting these lists, I like to see what others enjoy and I'll be checking out some of the things you listed above!

  2. excited to check out your stella and dot webpage! xo