Friday, July 29, 2011

Spare Me the Details

For those of you that have ever hired a babysitter or been a babysitter, you know that the first question out of a parent's mouth upon returning home is, "So, how did it go?"  I asked this of our sitter last night when I returned from an evening out to which she replied, "Well, not good.  In fact, pretty bad."  Now, don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for our babysitter and I like her a lot.  She is a great girl.  But, honestly, I am only asking that question because I have to, not because I really care.  When I hire a sitter, I prefer to be on a "need to know basis" about the activities going at home.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but when she told me that the night went badly, my first thought was, "Well, if it was a bad night, better that you experienced it than me; that's what I pay you for."  Every now and then she will have an easy night of sleeping children and TV viewing, but I really don't feel that badly if the night wasn't very relaxing for her.  So long as my children didn't hurt themselves or one another and are in bed sleeping by the time I get home, I could care less what happens while I am gone.  Isn't that horrible?!  I mean, I hope they had fun, but if they didn't; not. my. problem.  I hope they ate a good dinner, but if they didn't, I'll just give them an extra Flintstone vitamin sometime in the near future.  I hope they went right to bed, but if they didn't at least it wasn't me going up and down the stairs a bazillion times to fetch whatever trinket they decided they couldn't live without in their sleep. Seriously, don't bore me with the details.  Did the baby take her bottle?  Are the kids sleeping?  Are their toys picked up?  Did you load the dishwasher? Good.  Here's your money.  Drive home safely.  See you next time.   Oh, but I am a bit curious about the freshly-cut chunk of hair I discovered on the floor.  That was conveniently omitted from the re-cap of the evening...


  1. Haha! My experience with sitters is relatively limited right now... But I would feel the same way in that situation. Did she expect you to cry for her or have sympathy because she had ONE rough evening. Seriously, how many of those have you had?! Sheesh!

  2. As long as my kids are in bed, breathing and not bleeding, I could care less how the night went! Hope you had a great night out. :D