Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If Cleanliness is Next To Godliness, Then My Kids Must Be Devils!

Frankie caught in the cupboard*
Was it the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes that used to spin vigorously around and leave a wake of destruction in his path?  If not, perhaps it was my children.  The latest contributor to upset my perfectly- organized, anal-retentive world with clutter is my precious little one year old, Frankie.  Her efforts to create a mess know no bounds.  She opens cupboards and empties their contents before I even realize where she is. She does the same with drawers, be them full of clothing, toiletries, hair accessories or otherwise.  I put the toys in the toy box, and she is there within minutes to empty it again, never even pausing to play with a single toy, merely lifting them out to discard them to the floor.  I laugh out loud as I watch this display.  Sometimes because it is funny; sometimes because if I don't laugh, I will cry.

Gnawed corners of books*
Another destructive, but rather odd practice that Frankie has recently acquired is that of sucking on her cardboard books until they become soggy enough to bite off tiny pieces for consumption.  I mean, what is that all about?!  I know she is teething, but I have not ever had a child who seemingly prefers to gnaw on wood"ish" products: her highchair, her crib, Asher's bed, you name it; she will attempt to devour it.  I have swallowed the jagged little pill that I won't likely own anything for many years that doesn't become marred by my kiddos if it isn't already.

She shredded styrofoam packaging
materials while I used the bathroom.*
Frankie destroyed the family room while
I switched out the laundry.*

I understand that with children come messes, lots of them. But, boy oh boy does it exhaust me to pick them up day in and day out.  They are worth it, don't get me wrong, and I can't believe we are adding #4 to the list of soon-to-be "violators of tidiness."  Sometimes I look forward to the day when they will all be big enough to pick up after themselves.  However, I remind myself that these times are fleeting, and that it won't be long until I will sit at my computer in my tidy house wishing I had someone to pick up after.  Thank goodness I'll always have Zach to fill that void.  :)

*All photos are evidence of one day's destruction, i.e. today!

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  1. Luke could definitely compete with little Frankie! It takes him approximately 35 seconds to cover the floor in magnetic letters and he could empty his bookshelf in 2 minutes or less. He has a lot of books.
    I like what you said about wishing for someone to clean up after in the future. I will remind myself of that the next time I'm crawling around the kitchen gathering letters. : )