Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pack Man!

Okay, has anyone else ever tried to pack for a trip with an audience of an 11 month old, a 3 year old and a 4 year old?  If so, you will likely nod your head so vigorously to everything I am about to write that it will nearly fall off.  If not, I don't recommend ever becoming part of the aforementioned group.  I mean, HOLY COW!  What a nightmare!  I pack two things and four get thrown on the floor.  Sunblock ends up in the "undergarment" section of the suitcase. My accessories get linked together and tied into knots like a freaking erector set.  Really?  Ridiculous! I have this feeling I am going to end up in Charleston with nothing to wear but Huggies diapers (with or without the resealable tabs still intact), non maternity jeans (that don't fit mind you, but Soph has put in my suitcase because she likes them better than the "ones with the funny thing that goes over your stomach"), a sundress, an umbrella (because ever since we moved to Washington, Asher is convinced you shouldn't go anywhere without one), one flip flop, and sparse remains of three different shades of lip gloss (all which look really great on Francesca at the moment). I mean, someone shoot me.  This is a lost cause!  So, here I am updating my blog, allowing the children to pack my belongings so that I can unpack everything and repack tomorrow during preschool, a.k.a. my 2.5 hours of sanity 3 x's a week.  Suffice it to say I am looking forward to a little time away... Dressed or not, "Low Country" here I come!


  1. And we can't wait to see you! You will look fabulous, as always, so have no fear :)

  2. And here I am, laughing my head off as I can SO picture you telling these stories! You are such a great story-teller and writer...love that you joined the blog world!