Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does anyone keep New Year's Resolutions?

Each year I attempt to make (and keep) at least one New Year's Resolution.  So far, I have never been successful.  One resolution that has been on my list of attempts since I have become a mother has been to keep a journal.  On the one hand, I could benefit from the free form of therapy that writing can provide, but I also want to remember the wonderful moments that make up my days, which culminate into years, and will ultimately become my legacy.  My life is truly unbelievable, not always in the "Wow, that is awesome!" kind of way, but unbelievable nonetheless.  I have three adorable children that say and do the wittiest, silliest, and, yes, most unbelievable things and I must record them (as far too many people, including strangers, have told me).  So, tiring of seeing yet another beautiful journal that took me more time than it should have to select from the pristine shelves of the local bookstore, have its pages filled until somewhere between early February and mid March and then be left to join the ranks of the multitude of others just like it somewhere deep in a drawer, I have decided to attempt to write a blog to record my life and "discuss" my reality as a military wife and mother of three (with one more on the way!) I don't know if anyone will read my banal ramblings, but I hope that if you choose to, you enjoy them and perhaps let out a laugh as you relate to life as I know it!


  1. Yay! welcome to blogworld! Can't wait to read up on what you (and your awesome fam) are doing!

  2. Good luck with the blog! Excited to read some of the cute stories about your kids!